Hi! I’m Jesse, and in addition to writing, directing, and producing entertainment myself, I am the host of Coping with Creativity, a podcast for creators about coping with that unrelenting need to create, mental health, self-imposed pressures, actually succeeding, and everything in between.

I had the idea of creating a podcast for serial creators struggling with everything from self-confidence and motivation to depression and anxiety back in 2016, after I finally found someone else who had a huge portfolio of accomplishments but could not for the life of them find an ounce of pride for how hard they’ve worked.

As someone who struggles with self-acceptance, validation, self-doubt, motivation, and confidence–something that a lot of people who are serial creators struggle with–this kind of thing really hits home.

Like many of you, I also struggle to cope with an unwavering force that drives me to continually make new things from nothing–what I call being a creator, and what others may call art or self-expression or writing or work. I know it’s sounds sort of cheesy, but I really do believe that there are special people out there who have some sort of universal drive inside them to create art for this life, and whether I am one of those people who are supposed to create or not, I do know that I have a strong portfolio of accomplishments despite my sometimes crippling anxiety about my and my work’s worth and purpose.

This podcast is my way of collecting the tools I have learned and discovered for and about myself, and sharing them with other creators who are also learning how to cope with creativity. It’s for people who can’t help this feeling of needing to create, and even though it doesn’t make sense, it coexists with feelings of depression, anxiety, paranoia, self-doubt, and exhaustion.

It is my hope that this podcast will be motivational, inspirational, and most of all, will validate the hard work it takes to cope with creativity so that other creators like you can get through their own mental obstacles and start creating again.

Do you get paid?

No, but I am trying to fund this podcast and all of my creative activities through Patreon. If you don’t know, Patreon is a platform that allows people like you to support artists like me by pledging a monthly donation–$1, $3, or even $5 each month–and in exchange, you get exclusive access to my blog on Patreon, where I post behind-the-scene updates throughout the week, and access to my private chat server where you can talk to me virtually 24/7.

If you feel like you benefit from my work, I would appreciate you throwing me $1 or more each month via Patreon, or even just a one-time purchase of a $3 cup of coffee to help me out. I really appreciate it–and I appreciate you.